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Supriya Srivastava
Supriya Srivastava

You might have used Booking Commerce to create Your own booking website and add unlimited Free or Paid booking products/services for multiple professions.

Booking Commerce is a SAAS-based appointment scheduling software that helps the user to create a highly-customized online booking system and allows customers to book the appointments and avail unlimited benefits on bookings.

With this platform, You can have an optimized booking website for any profession such as Dentist, Hospitals, Consultants, Freelancers, Residential/Commercial Cleaning. Additionally, You can now have a booking website to allow the users to book for tuition classes, bike renting service, hotel booking services or event bookings, etc.

There are a lot more scenarios one can have in their mind when someone plans to build up a flexible booking system to offer multiple services to their customers.

Thus, You will have the key to entice potential buyers to reach your website and avail booking benefits.

Now, it’s time to get one step ahead with booking commerce. So, here we came with some exceptional Features updated in booking commerce.

Take a look:

New Feature Updates to Enhance Booking Website

  1. Admin Theme

Global Search Option

Now, there is an advancement in the Theme of the booking panel.
We have introduced the global “Search” tab on the admin dashboard. Unlike the sidebar search, this advanced global search functionality helps the admin to manage the bookings with ease from the backend. Thus, there will not be any complexity in searching for any field.

Advanced Filter Option

Introduced an advanced Filter option to filter out the useful data about your booking products, Orders (having multiple bookings), customer bookings & Calendar.

2. “Add Booking” Form

Till now, booking commerce platform was limited to Appointment Type and Concert Type bookings. But now as the users come up with lots of different booking scenarios, we thought of adding up a few other booking types so that you as an admin can fulfill all the requirements requested by your customers.

So from now onwards, You can have 6 different “Add Booking” form to create a booking for different booking scenarios for various professions.

You can now explore the 6 different types of bookings using which You can create slots as per your requirements while adding a booking product/service.

Explore 6 “Add Booking” Forms for Different Booking Scenarios

Booking Type

1.One Day Booking
If You want to offer any service to your customers for a day then, creating Day-Date Slot will be the right choice to create such type of booking service.

For an Example:- Cab Booking Service
Set a Date Range for the cab booking service & enable the weekdays when the Cabs will be available.

The user will visit Your website to select any of the dates from the added date range.

2.Appointment Type
If You are dedicated to offering any dental booking service then, You can choose to create Day Date Time Type slots for this booking service.

For an Example:- Dental Booking Service
Set duration for clients to book the dentist appointment and create time-wise slots when the dentist will be available for the checkup.

Thus, User can select any of the preferable slots added by the user.

3.Rent Type
This type of booking is typically for those who want to rent a Venue for an event or fest.

Let’s take an example: Venue Booking Service for Live Events & Concerts

Duration will be set when the Venue will be free for booking and users will have the choice to select a date-range for bookings.

4.Rent Type with Time
If You are offering any service on rent for a specific period of time and on a specific duration then, You can create rent slots on Your booking website.

For an Example:- Bike/Car Renting Service

There will be a set duration when the Vehicle will be available for rent with multiple slot timings. Thus, the user can select the date-time slot and rent the car/bike.

5.Concert Type
If You want to rent Venues for multiple-day offices, schools, and colleges events then You can create Fixed Date Type slots.

For Example:- 3 Days College Event

Organizers will visit Your website to book the day-type slots preferred for the event.

6.Concert Type with Time
If You want to offer service for live events then, You can go with Fixed Date & Time Slot Type booking.

Example:- Live Concerts

As there will be a fixed date & time for the event and customer will select any of his preferable slots to book seats for the Live Concert.

3. Order

Multiple Bookings in an Order

Booking Commerce has now come up with the concept of Customer Orders on bookings. Thus, You will get each customer’s bookings in an order created on booking commerce.

Once the customer book any product or service, an order is created at admin end having all the bookings made by that customer.

4. Interactive Calendar View for Bookings

Admin can now have more interactive calendar view to monitoring all the bookings.
You can now view bookings of the Month, Week, Day. Also, there will be a List View for all the bookings made by the customers.
Also, You can have the Filter Option in the Calendar section. So, You can now filter bookings based on booking type, booking status, and customer.

5.Optimized Checkout

An Optimized Checkout Page on a booking website makes the user feel more comfortable to complete the booking process. Keeping this in mind, booking commerce has now come up with a more reliable checkout process.

Thus, You can now provide a highly-customized checkout experience to your customers who visit your website to book any product/service.

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