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Booking Commerce is SaaS-based Online booking and Appointment Scheduling software that ease your customer onboarding process and get your sales rolling. Now you can power your business using world's first online comprehensive platform for bookings.

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Booking Commerce For Doctors

Designed specifically for doctors to provide their patients with a seamless appointment booking experience.

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Wide Booking Options

With this, you get more power for managing the per slot booking better, by choosing to keep the bookings Single User or Multi User.


Single User Booking

With this, you can have the Booking Feature utilized for the bookings that are specific to a single person per time slot. You can assign the price per slot and days mentioned for booking. Example - For Doctor Appointment etc.


Multi User Booking

With Multi-User/ One to many Booking Feature you can have multiple Customers book for a single time slot. You can even fix the number of customers allowed to book for a given slot. Example - Booking for a Sight Seeing etc.


Addon Resources

Explore from a number of AddOns and integrations available for Booking Commerce


Have your own Booking Page and provide an immersive experience to your customers. Create your Dynamic Profile in which you can add Imagery of your Business, add your service details and customize/change theme according to your needs.

Add a small shortcut for your booking engine on your website using a widget which can be customized as per the theme in your Store.

Embed Iframe on your Store and customize it accordingly. A perfect option to have the Customers connected to your Store for all the Booking Needs.

Quick Booking Flow

Provide the customers a fuild and easy booking flow experience imparting a better customer experience

Create Unlimited Booking

Create an unlimited number of bookings slots either paid or free and give your customers wide number of options to book the slot for any given date and time.

Manage Booking

Easily manage your bookings at your convenience on the dashboard and choose to either accept, cancel or reschedule the booking.

Start Earning

Manage your payment with great ease either online or offline from your dashboard using add-ons like PayPal or Cash On Venue and keep the booking process simple for the customer.


BookingCommerce can be integrated with major E-commerce platforms like WordPress and Shopify


With a widh variety of AddOns available for integration, enhance the functionality of the BookingCommerce to make it more productive

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