Paypal Integration

Payment is the essential step of an e-commerce website as all the revenue flow from customers to admin take place through the payment gateways. Collecting payment online allows you to get instant payment and guaranteed booking which further reduces the risk of the no-show from customers.

On BookingCommerce, you can collect payments via credit cards online using an existing merchant account with PayPal’s Payment Gateway. The customer is also rest-assured that their payment is safe and in case of no service being offered, their payment will be refunded back.

Installation Guide:

  • On your BookingCommerce dashboard, go to Add-Ons.

  • In Add-Ons section, you will find PayPal. Click Install to install the add-on.

  • Next, you will be redirected to a page where you need to fill PayPal credentials like Paypal API User NamePaypal API Password and Paypal API Signature.

  • The Add-on has been successfully installed. Now whenever customer will visit the front-end of your booking website, he will get PayPal option in Payment Process.

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