Clothing Rental Booking System

Everyone loves to try each brand based on the latest fashion trends. But it’s hard to spend too much to buy costly dresses all the time & go for the parties where your presence will be hardly 4 hours. What people prefer to do in such cases? Start searching for the website to rent Dresses online!!!

So, it’s high time for the entrepreneurs to start an online rental booking business & let the customers rent products from your website and earn profit in advance.

Rental Booking Business is not limited to this as you have tons of other options to start a rental booking website with Booking Commerce. Some of them are Car Rental business, Bike rental business, etc.

Booking Commerce is all that you require in order to set up an online rental booking website. Let’s explore the useful features of Booking Commerce:-

Create unlimited Free or Paid Rental products

The Booking Commerce will let you create unlimited free or paid rental bookings as per the requirements.

Create Manual Rental Bookings on behalf of customers

Have the manual booking option to create bookings manually on behalf of customers in case, customers contact you to make their bookings.

Multi-user access

Booking Commerce let you allow multiple guests/agents to access the admin panel. You can easily add the agents with limited permission assigned to him/her.

Multiple Add-Ons to enhance functionalities

You can have multiple add-ons to enhance the functionalities of your booking website. Some of them are Google Calendar, PayPal Integration, Restrict Bookings, etc.

Customize E-mail Templates

You can now customize the e-mail templates on your own and add the link to add bookings to Google Calendar.

Customer Review Management

Booking Commerce provides you the simplest way to manage customer’s reviews. So, filters out the relevant reviews to be shown on your booking website as reviews play a very crucial role in building trust.