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pooja ishpuniyani
pooja ishpuniyani

Peoples in today’s era just hate phoning companies to book their appointments. Sooner or later it affects business badly and leads to serious business damage.

Nevertheless, all hope is not shut out. It’s time to invest in the digital presence. Afterall it is going to be an asset for your business.

Being a SAAS based platform, Shopify is the most easier solution to create a professional online store But now apart from selling physical and digital products, you can use Shopify in an ingenious way to sell your time.

Shopify has now become a very productive platform to develop an Online booking system as you can now integrate your Shopify store with “Booking Commerce” software.

Booking Commerce is a subscription-based module which will help you to create a simplified online booking process for your customers and you can manage all your bookings in a systematic manner without any hassle.

It just a few minutes of yours to set up and will help your customers to have a quick & easy way to make/set up an appointment.


Install the “Booking commerce” plugin into Shopify store from here:-  LANDING PAGE

Create Booking Product:-

Go to the products menu from your Shopify store backend.



Visit the Apps section of your Shopify store backend and Configure your booking commerce plugin as per your requirement from “configuration” menu

Allow your customers to reschedule as well cancel the bookings too.

Customize email templates as per your requirement.


Configure Frontend:-

Issue in Manual code pasting? So here’s a completely hackable option for you “Autocode Inject”. In a single click, auto inject the code in your main theme and display booking widget on your store.

Frontend View:-

If you are a service provider i.e whether you are providing one to one tuition classes, Spa & Salon services etc. then go ahead, Install Booking Commerce plugin and start accepting bookings.


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