Freelancer Booking System

If you are looking to create your own booking system and that too for free to manage your day to day client meeting and properly schedule your day, booking commerce allows you to have one. You can easily create a booking system in a matter of seconds and can easily sell your hours.

As a freelancer, as your client base starts increasing, so is your work schedule needs to be organized so that so you can dedicate proper time to each client and your day remain sorted. Having an online booking platform makes it easier for your clients to book your hours and you can easily manage the bookings


Booking Commerce is loaded with various features and add-ons which you can use improve productivity and ease customer booking experience on your website.

  • Manage Booking:

    You can choose to approve, cancel or reschedule bookings as per your convenience. Addition to that, let your customer free and create bookings on behalf of them.

  • Unlimited Paid Booking Creation:

    Create as many paid bookings as you want on the go.Easily create booking with complete details regarding location, availability and custom fields.

  • Unlimited Free booking Creation:

    In Addition to that, you can also create unlimited bookings for the free services and products.

  • Multi-Users Access:

    Create multiple agents and assign privilege to control your admin panel.

  • E-mail Templates:

    Create automated customised e-mail templates for enthralling customer experience.Not just you can create customised templates, but also you can add small snippets of code in the form of placeholders anywhere inside the content.

  • Booking Reschedule:

    Have more flexibility in customer bookings by scheduling and rescheduling bookings as per yours and customers convenience.

  • Customer Reviews Management:

    Manage reviews given by your customer and filter the most relevant reviews to be shown.

  • App Integration:

    For better customer experience, you can integrate multiple apps like Google Calendar, Cash on Venue, PayPal and ICS File with bookingcommerce.