Classic Theme

Booking Commerce Newest Classic Theme

Detailed Product View

The product page gives a detailed description of the booking product as created by the owner along with the location and pricing. It gives you an idea of what product you are booking and what’s all included in the booking product like facilities provided and location of the service provided. You can even select the date and book the product as per your convenience.

Booking Information On The Tip

For the customers, get all the booking details of your slots on one common page and chose to cancel or re-schedule the bookings as per your convenience. If multiple bookings are made by you, you can sort the bookings month wise. From the Customer Dashboard, you can also add the booking event to your calendar system either on Google Calendar or using .ics file.


Customer Feedback

Let the voice of your customers be heard of your services and execute your go-to marketing strategy. Customer feedbacks play a major role in promoting your products and services among other customers as it generates a sense of trust amongst themselves. The mouth to mouth marketing still one of the prominent marketing methods that promote your products amongst the masses without spending a single penny.