Feature Process

The practice of creating and sending prescriptions for pharmaceuticals or to patients using digital technology is referred to as electronic prescription or e-prescribing. As more healthcare professionals and patients adopt technology, this practice is becoming more widespread.

From the standpoint of the doctor, electronic prescribing has a number of advantages over conventional paper prescriptions. The ability to send prescriptions quickly and easily to a patient’s preferred pharmacy is another benefit of e-prescribing for healthcare professionals.

​This is the best and new feature in the doctor theme, for the doctors to enter or record the patient prescription digitally on the doctor theme Booking Commerce.

So let’s check how doctors can create an E-Prescription.


Firstly, the doctor needs to go to Bookings >> open a particular booking from the action button >> Approve the booking Approve button.


After clicking on the approved button doctor need to confirm by clicking on the yes button on the confirmation box.


After approving the booking, Now the patient consults with the doctor about the health issues after the consultation as per the booking slot doctor needs to done the booking by clicking on the done button.


Then again a confirmation window will pop up to confirm.


Now, as you can see there is a prescription button. By clicking the doctor will redirect to the prescription form.


On the prescription, the Patient’s Name, E-mail& Phone number will be automatically filled up.

The doctor needs to fill up the patient’s details like age and gender. Also, Eprescription a Medical Details option where they can mention the below points:

  • Add Vitals:
  • Chief Complaints:
  • Allergy:
  • Diagnosis:
  • Medical Background:
  • Medication:
  • Advice:
  • Findings:
  • Investigation:
  • Prognosis:
  • Refer To:
  • Referred by:
  • Next Followups:

Once the doctor fills the prescription and wants to share the prescription report with the patient via email/sms? After clicking on the “save” button, you need to select “send the report as final” in order to send the prescription report to the patients.

After that doctor will get an option to

  • Save: From here you can save your prescription and if need you can edit it again.
  • Send report to the patient:  Once done, you cannot edit the report.
  • Save as PDF: With this option, you can save the prescription as a pdf.

To view the prescription of the patient, you need to go to booking >> open a particular booking by clicking on the action button >> then click on the view prescription.

How patient can check the E-prescription and the bookings?

Firstly, patients need to login into their account and then from the booking button or by clicking on the all bookings button from the profile dropdown option.


The patient can download the E-prescription and view the Booking details


Booking details page


Final Prescription peport.