Venue Booking System

Booking Categories

Feature Process

If You own a booking website, it is crucial to categorize your bookings associated with your profession. This will not only organize your booking system in a well-managed way but also provide a better booking experience to your customers.

Thus, Booking Commerce will help you building up a lucrative online booking website with multiple categories based on the profession.



If you are dealing in multiple professions, you can easily create new categories according to your profession and place booking products according to the respective profession.

Creating multiple categories helps an organisation or big firms to easily categorise the booking products so as to make it easier for the customers to find a particular booking product.

Step By Step Execution

add category

Step 1: Click Add to create a new category. After that, you can fill the necessary fields like category, name, image and description and save the category.


Step 2: The newly created category will be shown in Profession categories section which is there on the left-hand side menu.