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saurav pathak
saurav pathak

In the past few years, there is an increase in the number of health-care services adopting system of online booking to ease patients bookings and grow their brand value.

Bookingcommerce is world’s first marketplace of booking system.

Online booking has not only become indispensable for bigger hospitals but has provided a way of systematic planning for doctors and medical practitioners.

Let us look at few statistics based on Hospital Study

  • Search has become an important part of the patient before treatment and brand reputation value the most.

  • Online search is what mostly preferred by patients.

  • Most of them are now going digital and booking through non-traditional means.

Looking at the above facts, there’s no denying the fact that patients are going digital and is related to your company’s business in every way.

Scheduling and Re-scheduling appointment, cancellation, reviews, online payments have proved to be very efficient in handling day to day activities than traditional methods and ease the way patients looking to book appointments.

Why online appointment booking system?

Online bookings not only saves your time but also generate a good income for your business as it reduces the no-show up risk by patients.

However, with the increase of mobile users in past few years, you will definitely not want the user to make the call and come at your place to make a booking instead reserve the slot in just a few taps.

Here are the few reasons why you should invest in having online booking system on your website:

Easy Accessibility

Booking appointment online means ease of doing business and convenience for patients. Nowadays where food being ordered to booking ride to go places is done online, you don’t want to miss this chunk of opportunity.

This not only removes hassles of booking but also provide customers to save their checkups data online that can be beneficial for next visit.

For doctors, since every record of the patient is being saved online, you need to go through chunks of files and papers to check patient history or appointment schedule.

Everything regarding appointment is saved in your online calendar from where you can plan your schedule.

Reduced No-Shows

Traditional booking system usually ends up in no-shows as there is no confirmation of booking or advance payment which results in the loss of income and slot timing available.

With online booking, you provide the patient to book online by paying full payment or as a token so that they can get confirmation of booking and you also rest assured of slot timings being booked.

The customers also get the facility to either cancel or reschedule their booking so that your slot timings remain intact and their payment.

Also patient get personal reminders of the appointment being made by them thus reducing no-shows and eliminating overbooking.

Round the clock convenience

Scheduling appointment on call requires you to call during office hours which become inconvenient for the patients who are also busy during that time.

Usually, people end up doing these activities at home after getting free from work. With online scheduling, there is no hassle or pressure for patients to book at designated time only.

With online scheduling, appointments can be booked at any time during the day which eases the booking process and increases the bookings during off hours.

Save time and money

With the online system, your manual paperwork is vastly reduced to nil. As every data is now maintained online, from patient management to patient history and even with calendar integration, doctors can properly plan their appointments timing and duration.

This automated management system reduces the work of extra men at appointment booking desk and you can direct your resources to work on marketing part.

Also, you don’t need to call your patients for reminding them of appointment, no hassle of collecting payments as it’s being done online, no worries to create the bunch of cabinets for storing files and much more.

Going online and digital saves a lot of your resources in terms of monetary and time so that you can utilize them in growing your business.

Brand Value

An online system of booking not only ease the booking process but allows your customer to provide their honest reviews for your services which not only create your repo in the market and also increases the website traffic.

Today, in the era where every everyone is doing extensive research online before e looking to avail services, it becomes totally indispensable for you to be found on the internet and if you are there, there are higher chances of getting booking that the traditional methods.


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