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We have been developing Apps for Shopify since 2015 and since then have helped thousands of customers to Grow, to Grow as a Marketplace, to Grow their Revenue, Grow by selling on other Marketplaces and list goes on.

Meanwhile dealing with those thousands of Customers, we have realized that though there are numerous Apps available for the platform for converting their Store to a Booking Store (where Customers can book the service or the product datewise) but we have come across several Customers who are struggling hard to get started or to grow their Booking Business. So, we thought of integrating Booking Feature to Shopify.

As we can see from various online reports that Online Booking Business is increasing at a fast rate and forecasts have been made till 2022. Not only this, Booking through Mobile Apps have seen a tremendous growth, as seen from the below graph (source:

So, if you are a Service Provider or Selling Tickets Online or running an Online Business that require Booking then you might be in need of such a system. So, here are a few benefits that can help you decide :

Increased Revenue :

Yes, Sales & Revenue is the most exciting and the catchy factor towards which the Store Owners are attracted after all Business is all about numbers. And Booking Commerce will help you achieve those numbers.

As now you have a method of reaching to your Customers as per their convenience, as they can select the time and the date of their choice, thus getting you more and more Bookings, in turn getting you more Sale.

Reduce Workload :  

With Booking Commerce, all the manual work of managing the Booking gets reduced to almost half. As now all the tasks are managed online with ease thus involves minimal human management.

Rescheduling or Booking Cancellation in a Click. It presents a Calendar View of all the Bookings with an option to filter the Bookings.

Decrease No-Shows :

If a Customer is not turning up as per the Booking made and fails to inform you for the same, then it is considered a no-show.

As observed no-shows not only affects business negatively in terms of time and money. So, its advisable to have a system that can remind the Customer of the Appointment/Booking and this is where Booking Commerce will help.

It sends Reminders to the Customer about the Bookings made so the Customer is not lost, and also provide the feature of Rescheduling the bookings, thus reducing no-shows.

Organized Customer Management :

The Customer is the most important factor for any successful business which is directly proportional to the Sales & Revenue, so better Customer Management is an essential key point to be considered for the Business Growth.

Booking Commerce provides an enhanced and User-Friendly Dashboard for you and for your Customers too, which makes things easy not only for you but for the Customers too.

You get the Schedule of all the Bookings at a place, which becomes easier for you to manage.

Shopify Integration :

By default there is no option in Shopify to add Bookings to the Products, so certainly this can help to get the Booking Business run and grow. So, check the same here.  Compatible with almost All the Shopify Themes.

Hope the post has helped to provide an insight to Booking Commerce and the usefulness to your Online Booking Business with Shopify.

For any questions, contact from the below section.

If you are an existing user or plan to use this with your Shopify Store, then we welcome you to please share your experience below.

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