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saurav pathak
saurav pathak

The growth of the Internet in the past decade and advancement in technology has changed the way people look to avail the services.

Online services, payment gateway, secured checkouts, wallet payments etc have made simplified the process of service delivery and requirements and there’s no denying to the fact that online booking system has proved to be the one-stop solution for all.

Now whether you want to book a cab, hotel reservation, doctor’s appointment, slot booking and much more, booking online is the most preferred choice of customers instead of back office booking.

But with loads of booking options available, what is the one that suits your profession and brand. Based on a study, we have curated 5 most important features that booking system needs to have in coming years.

Simplified booking process

It’s very important that you show clean and precise information and make your booking flow as simple as possible. There’s a very small gap of time between customers coming to book online and leaving your website.

You need to make sure, there should be minimal clicks and steps in making a booking.

Addition to that, make sure your payment, refund and cancellation policies are clear and need not create any confusion in customer’s mind

Bookingcommerce provides flexibility to your booking by allowing the widget to be added to the website and in a matter of few clicks, booking is made successfully.

Easy accessibility

Make your booking easily accessible from any platform. Today when most of the businesses are running on smartphones and tablets, your booking system need not be dedicated to the desktop.

Similar to your customer, your booking system should also follow you wherever you go. It becomes very important then that your booking system works with the cloud so that you manage your booking remotely.

Bookingcommerce is one of the SaaS-based application made as a marketplace for the booking system. To access bookings, you just need a device with an Internet connection and then you are good to go.

Calendar Integration

In order to properly manage your bookings, your booking system should provide functionality to integrate calendar system.

Calendar function import all the details of the appointment and helps you to properly manage your daily routine and plan for the next.

Bookingcommerce provides an add-on feature to integrate Google Calendar and ICS file into your booking system and automatically add all the booking appointment details created by the customer.

Secured Payment Processing

Collecting payment online allows you to get instant payment and guaranteed booking which further reduces the risk of the no-show from customers.

Using payment option like PayPal, not only removed a headache from customer mind about secured payment but also prove that you respect customer privacy.

The customer is also rest-assured that their payment is safe and in case of no service being offered, their payment will be refunded back.

With bookingcommerce, you can easily integrate PayPal with your booking site and collect payment in faster and secured manner.

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