Introducing the Chatwhizz add-on! Using it, you can enable the live conference feature on your booking website & let users communicate over the chat system.

Important Note:- This add-on is specifically for appointment type and concert type booking.

With this feature, you can now allow customers to schedule a live chat for your booking product/service that you offer on your booking website.

As soon as a booking is scheduled by the customer, a conference chat will be created automatically based on the selected slot. Thus, the user can communicate over the chat system.

Moreover, you can have the conference feature in case of multi-user booking. In this, you can allow multiple users to interact with each other at the same time on the live chat.

How to Install?

Click the Add-On option on the left-hand-side menu bar.

Go to Chatwhizz and click on the Install button to activate the feature.


Mark:- To use this feature, first you need to create an account on Chatwhizz.

Once the add-on gets installed, go to the configure section.

configure chatwhizz

Now, enter the access token from your chatwhizz admin panel.

access token

After installing the add-on, you can visit the booking products listing section & select a booking product for which you want to allow live chat with the customer.

Enable the chatwhizz tab & enter the email ID of the user.

Make sure that the entered user email is a valid chatwhizz user Conference will be created with that user and the customer who has made the booking.

In the case of multi-user booking, enable the option to create conferences for all the users.


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  • Pro

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