Booking Commerce

How to develop an online booking system?

Having an online booking system makes it easier for you to sell your services and get customer traction so as to generate good income and increase brand awareness.

Now if you are looking to approach a technical geek to develop your booking system, you might once consider using SaaS technologies for the best.

A not-so-new domain in the market, SaaS technologies have taken over traditional ways of how are developing and using the services. An internet-connected handheld device is what it requires to access SaaS software and make use of it.

One such SaaS booking platform is Booking Commerce that allows you to create your own free booking system regardless of your profession and enrich the booking experience for your customer.

So what all it takes to create your own booking system, stay with us as we guide you to create a one:

Registration Process

At first, you need to go on booking commerce website to complete the registration process in order to move forward.

Booking Commerce Configuration

Now you need to configure your booking commerce dashboard about what information you want to show to the customers and set permission.

Booking Products

Here you need to describe the services that you are offering and what particular days. You can add an unlimited number of free and paid booking products.

In Slot management, there is two option

  1. Under Basic slot management, you can set timings which will be applicable for the weekdays selected above.
  2. In Advance slot management, you can define same or different timings for any given weekday.


There are few add-ons in booking product which can improve the booking experience for the customer.


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