eCommerce Theme

Here’s a new way to look on your booking page design for a great browsing experience.

Using booking commerce, you can create your own booking page and even customise the design. Now you can provide e-commerce look and feel to your booking page and design to improve user booking experience on your page.

You can even add advertisement banners or broadcast an important message, both on your homepage and category page. In addition, you can showcase multiple images of your booking product and allow users to book their slots in a convenient way.

Installation Guide:

  • Click Add-ons on the menu bar on the left-hand side.

  • Click Install to install the theme.

  • After installing the theme, go to Configure section. Under General Config, you can change brand colour which is reflected in the buttons on your booking page. You can even provide social¬†links that will be added to the footer.

  • Under Ad Banners, you can create the banner and put on either top or bottom location on your homepage and category page.

  • After saving the configuration, go to Configuration option on the menu bar on the left-hand side.

  • Under General section, select e-commerce theme under Theme option.

  • You can go to booking URL to see the applied changes. You can embed customer discount coupons and banners from Ad banners section. You can use that on
    Home PageBooking Home Page Banner

    Category Page

    Category Page Banner

  • View Product as on eCommerce ThemeiOS Product Image
  • Basic (free)

    Not Available
  • Enterprise

  • Executive

  • Pro

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